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Geometrics is the title of RUG STAR’s extensive and modern collection of rugs with strict geometrical patterns. I call them my easy abstracts, as they look easy, but they are very hard to achieve in production. Excellent translations in hand-knotted Tibetan weave, mostly produced in 150 knot quality with finest Chinese silk and best Tibetan highland wool. Circle, Crystal, Heart, and Super are the 4 main characters in this so far exclusively Tibetan collection.

Craftsmanship in accurate knotting, perfection in graduation, and a balanced flow on the surface to reflect light and room atmosphere at it’s best. All designs of our contemporary rug art collection are customizable on request. Custom and bespoke rugs are the trademarks of RUG STAR, contact us with your ideas after reviewing the collection. We would love to create your one of a kind rug for your interior.

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A moment with Geometrics

I often get asked about how we design: by hand or on the computer. To be honest, there are no formulas for us, it all is related to the specific collection and the final emotion we like to express in the interior.

But after the design process, the final CAD gets done digitally, as it has to consider every single knot and synchronizes the world of warp and weft, and the fact that rugs shrink after washing in the length but not in the width, and that we have different thickness of the fibers and so on and so on…

All this needs to be considered in a software program and creates a paper graph for the weaver which is more or less in the same size as the ready rug later.

But back to the computer. All designs for the collection Geometric we have created digitally. A tender and poetic process, though. There is a peaceful silence surrounding us. And looking at the graphs, they seem to tell you about that vibe.

This vibe we created in the design process is the real mission to translate later in the final product, the hand-knotted Tibetan and Persian rug. That’s our goal and our philosophy.