Koi Collection

Koi, or more specifically Nishikigoi (brocaded carps), are ornamental domesticated varieties of the common carp and main actors in my collection. We love working with the design Koi in the interior, the fish itself symbolizes movement, they float on the floor and gear with your interior, melting in color and form with the movement of the water. Vivid and alive. All Koi designs are produced in Tibetan weave in 150 knot quality with a perfect mix of Tibetan wool and the finest Chinese

silk, produced in our workshops in Nepal. A true and iconic storytelling RUG STAR design at its best. All designs of our contemporary rug art collection are customizable on request. Custom and bespoke rugs are the trademarks of RUG STAR, contact us with your ideas after reviewing the collection. We would love to create your one of a kind rug for your interior.

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A moment with Koi

Hamburg, 2014, I was hanging Infront of my rug Koi in the studio of Ivo von Renner for around 5 to 10 minutes until the shot was done. I still remember it wasn’t that easy hanging around. My little dog Miss Happy in front of the scene with a hand-knitted head by the famous Berlin-based designer Claudia Skoda, pretending to be a shark.

Looking at the picture now, I am not sure if she was very amused about it. But at that time we both had a mission. We placed our first RUG STAR print campaign in German ZEITmagazin. For that, we produced the first 26 scenes where we both played a theme in front of a rug which was solved by a little text below the picture. Each theme was explaining one specific topic about rugs, about their origin and production.

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