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The BlackLabel Collection by RUG STAR introduces our all-time best sellers of the Contemporary Classic Collection in a unique new and breathtaking interpretation. Finest 11/11 Persian knot count with 65% of silk reduced to the max.
The traditional color composition process melted down to one simple question: how can I communicate and manage to produce such delicate traditional patterns with only one simple color: BLACK. The solution we used was to divide the pattern structure into three groups and communicate the full complexity only by the mixture of the material. 100% wool, 50% wool – 50% silk mix and 100% pure silk.

The wool parts we clipped down after knotted with scissors to create a high/low structure and include light and shadow more into our contemporary interpretation. Only the glance of the material and the shadow lines of the clipped-down pattern elements communicate in the room with the light and the viewer’s eye.
What a skill of craftsmanship, as the weaver works with only three same-looking material balls to create these stunning quotes of high-end classical rug patterns. Hands down for this exceptional beauty. I am so proud of the achievement we managed with the BlackLabel Collection. An all-time classic #rugstar.

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