Eating Color in China

Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored and happy to introduce you to our RUG STAR experience in and with China. At first, let me talk about our TUFT Signature Collection, an extraordinary compilation of the BEST OF RUG STAR designs that we have launched on the market over the past 15 years. For this reason, we translated all of these designs into our new product range, high-end luxury Tuft.

Tuft is the word, and I have been using it a lot over the last years. Tuft is highly underrated by most manufacturers and designers; we, however, recognized its great potential and the cutting-edge expressions which we can create with this product for private homes and hotel contracts. Let me take you by your hands and escape with us to our new production sites in China, where we produce since 2017 RUG STAR design at its finest in Tuft.

This compilation was created to show you the magnificent range of beauty we managed to create since 2002 and also a compilation to show you what we are capable of translating.

Tuft is not as new to me as everybody thinks. The first time I worked with the product was already in 2004. At that time the Swedish furniture company IKEA asked me to design some products for them in Tuft. I was very happy about their request, as I knew they never requested a German designer before. So, I took the honor, became the first German designer who ever worked for IKEA. They have some awesome and smart people inside the company, I felt very connected to them. IKEA also requested me to go to China and check the production. This was the moment where I met Ma Jin, he represents RUG STAR exclusively on the Chinese market for the entire RUG STAR Tuft collection. To me, it is a very deep friendship that connects me to Ma Jin and I can see and feel that it is a smart and powerful cooperation.

And second, let me talk about our extraordinary showroom in Beijing, on 800 square meters in the prime location we show around 100 hand-knotted RUG STAR design in Tibetan and Persian weave. It shows a wide range of diversity in design language which we created in the last 15 years. On the other hand, we show in a perfect combination the ability of our luxury tuft collection which we produce in China.

The new RUG STAR Showroom was designed by Mr. Caijiao, a very talented and famous interior designer from China. He kept the industrial and clean charm of the space, focused on the main message to create a gallery space, so the rugs can be presented as contemporary art. His design language combined with this extraordinary size of the showroom is for me the perfect fit, I think this is the next level of presentation, bold and brave, so much RUG STAR.

Since 2016 I go frequently to China, doing workshops like “Color is my DNA” or “Eating Color with Jürgen Dahlmanns”, attended fairs like the CIFF in Shanghai, or the COVER presentation of International rug brands at Domotex Asia. After Nepal, India, and Berlin, my homes get now extended with a new City which I also love a lot: Beijing.