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It all started with watching Downton Abbey and sneak in our RUG STAR designs in the perfectly composed film set for Anna or Mary, the titles of the design will give a hint on that. I started searching for old English fabric samples from the turn of the century and converted those to contemporary rug art. The goal was to catch the feeling of this period from 1880 to the first world war. I am very happy with the final result, the collection BelleÉpoque is RUG STAR’s renewed avowal of luxurious detail, our commitment to sensuality in floral and organic design.

We produce our BelleÉpoque Collection in Jaipur, North India as a hand-knotted Persian rug weave in 11/11 quality with a final washing that involves oxidization. All designs of our contemporary rug art collection are customizable on request. Custom and bespoke rugs are the trademarks of RUG STAR, contact us with your ideas after reviewing the collection. We would love to create your one of a kind rug for your interior.

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