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I like working with naturalistic themes when composing new designs for my rugs and therefore often find myself inspired by the animal kingdom. I just love monkeys, tigers, butterflies, or Koi carps – for me, animal motion and existence itself are allegoric to themes found in architecture. Monkeys like to have a good stretch and come up with the most peculiar contortions and yet, these never seem out of place. Fish tend to draw the observer’s glance across a textile surface in a gliding motion.

Large insects on the other hand, always take me back to the days of complex illustrations inside those textbooks of my childhood. A romantic representation of a distant memory of days long gone by. These days, the illustration of motion has become the leitmotif of many of my design drafts. Numerous of RUG STAR’s themes provide a stage to a host of rather expressive thespians – animals. The most charming creatures found on earth. This collection is titled “Eden”, as I do admit to being a bit of a romanticist myself.

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