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The contemporary classic rug designs of Mameluk rugs are a complex matter of geometry in the tradition of the Islamic ornaments, all designed around a central medallion with flowing vegetal patterns. The reduction of colors in the pattern layer and a clear contrast to the background is our RUG STAR interpretation of this originally ancient Egyptian design. Bold and clear, it quotes history but appears contemporary in modern interior.

We produce our Mameluk designs in hand-knotted Persian rug weave in 11/11 quality with the washing that involves oxidization in Jaipur, North India. All designs of our contemporary rug art collection are customizable on request. Custom and bespoke rugs are the trademarks of RUG STAR, contact us with your ideas after reviewing the collection. We would love to create your one of a kind rug for your interior.

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The Pyramid

Initially, the Mamluk had arrived in medieval Egypt as a military caste during the great Turkic migration. Their dominating position within the armies allowed them to rise from the ranks of slave soldiers and finally establish the Mamluk Sultanate in 13th century Cairo. Egyptian carpet weaving began to thrive under their rule. Mamluk rugs were an intricate combination of geometric patterns and Islamic artistic forms, all designed around a central medallion with flowing vegetal patterns.

In 1798, the Mamluks were defeated by the French in the so-called Battle of the Pyramids. A year later, a newly appointed consul governed the French Republic – Napoleon Bonaparte.