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With a stunning lineup of 21 designs, the Block Collection has emerged as one of our most powerful collections to date.

It all began with the inception of design Block No. 03 in 2019, and since then, the collection has continued to grow in popularity. Each season, we find ourselves compelled to introduce new designs, driven by our unwavering love for the Block Collection. The demand for these rugs in global projects has been consistently increasing, a testament to the deep appreciation of the audience.

The Block Collection stands out with its bold and daring design execution. The surface of these rugs is carefully crafted to offer two distinct options: a beautiful velvet sandblasted execution and a high/low texture. In the sandblasted execution, the rug surface exudes a luxurious velvet appearance, while the high/low texture incorporates clipped-down wool fields to create a captivating topography of material and texture.

When it comes to colors, the Block Collection predominantly showcases an elegant combination of silver tones that seamlessly transition into greenish rust. These hues are often accentuated with highlights in light blue or orange, creating a visually striking composition. However, in our latest designs, the Block Collection has ventured into the realms of funk and psychedelia, introducing vibrant and eclectic color schemes that push the boundaries of artistic expression.

While the popularity of the Block Collection resonates worldwide, it has garnered particular acclaim in the United States. Audiences in the US have embraced the collection’s boldness and unique aesthetic, making it a sought-after choice for interior design projects across the country.

As we continue to expand the Block Collection and explore new design possibilities, we are delighted by the overwhelming response from our customers and the design community. Stay tuned for the exciting additions and evolutions in this remarkable collection, as we strive to captivate and inspire with our innovative rug designs.

The Block Collection is a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and creating rugs that transcend the ordinary. With its striking designs, exquisite textures, and captivating color palettes, it epitomizes the artistic essence that lies at the core of RUG STAR.

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