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Love is the answer, and we like to write it for you on your floor. So let the products that last for a lifetime be a part of your home and embrace your family with messages that matter.

First created 18 years ago, the LoveMessage became one of RUG STAR’s iconic collections. It all started with a white sheet, and a lovely, very young lady wrote with her first abilities to write the following words: Life is good. That became a guiding sentence for our company and inspired us to the first LoveMessage designs, where we used our handwriting. Life is Good; I love you; I am thinking of you all day long… The end writings are all produced in Nepal with the best Tibetan wool and finest Chinese silk.

With the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we decided to bring back our signature collection by reproducing the old design and adding a brand new design and slogan each month. The first we released is “All you (we) need is Love” – a stunning hand-knotted rug in 100% silk as a Persian weave in 11/11 knot quality. More will follow, quotes and phrases from pop culture or love letters, found on little notes sticking at fridges or be worn as a t-shirt. Not more, not less.

Come and see and fall in love… We are happy to seduce you with quality.

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