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Spot is our perfectly composed and timeless contemporary rug art collection. The colleciton reflects the craftsmanship of the hand-knotted Persian weave and Tibetan weave at it’s best. The key points in this collection are the perfect knot placement and the superb color graduations. Collection Spot has 6 different designs and at the moment 25 color variations. Hand-knotted Persian rug weave in 9/9 quality in wool and silk. Or the supreme versions in a much finer 11/11 knot quality and in the 100% silk, to increase the perfection of melting graduations. The surface of the rug comes in a beautiful velvet execution. Due to the technique of sandblast the fiber opens and becomes soft and shiny. We also offer the designs in a high/low texture.

Some few designs we produce in the finest Tibetan weave in Kathmandu, Nepal. Hand-knotted Tibetan rugs have an other flow and different options to use graduations in the design. They use 3 fibers in a single knot, so this allows us to mix already material and color in one knot. Both qualities, the Tibetan and the Persian weave are masterly executed in the technique of blending colors and material. All designs of our collection Spot are customizable on request. Custom and bespoke rugs are the trademarks of RUG STAR, contact us with your ideas after reviewing the collection. We would love to create your one of a kind rug for your interior.

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