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Step into the vibrant world of RUG STAR’s latest offering: Collection SUPER-Minimal, launching for the autumn 2024 season. Like the bold stroke of a brush on a vivid canvas, this collection seamlessly merges contemporary modern painting language with the timeless artistry of rug design.

The name “SUPER-Minimal“ comes from these two topics below:

Minimalist Design: The Collection „Super-Minimal” is tailored to modern interiors, emphasizing simplicity and elegance. This minimalist approach is a core aspect of the collection, reflecting the “Minimal” part of the name.

Bold and Vivid: The term “SUPER” signifies the collection’s boldness and vibrant energy, much like a striking brushstroke on a canvas. The collection’s designs are not just minimal but also supercharged with dynamic color combinations and rich textures, elevating them beyond typical minimalism.

Embrace the essence of sophistication with our sleek, minimalist designs, tailored to elevate your modern interior and architecture. Each piece embodies the organic allure of a fresh hand brush on canvas, creating a captivating narrative within contemporary spaces.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our textile fields are 100% sustainable, utilizing only natural fibers such as high-end silk and premium wool sourced from the Bikaner area. Experience the soulful embrace of these meticulously crafted rugs, each one charged with identity and imbued with centuries-old craftsmanship.

In the Collection SUPER-Minimal, we introduce a mesmerizing color combination of coral and tile, set against a natural background of sand or natural wool in beige and grey. These hues emerge as the color highlights of the next season, drawing inspiration from the harmonious blend found in nature.

Our approach was to seamlessly merge these two color areas by employing a masterfully composed graduation of old ancient rug techniques. This technique creates an illusion of movement and flow, accentuating the design with an extra twist of brilliance. The use of silk adds a subtle shimmer, allowing the rugs to reflect the ambient atmosphere and light at their best.

Discover the intersection of art and functionality with RUG STAR’s Collection SUPER-Minimal—where every rug is not just a piece of decor, but a statement of refined taste and conscious living.


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I am thrilled and delighted to introduce to you today, for the very first time, our exquisite hand-knotted rug Collection – MidCentury with the designs Botanical No 01-14. It fills my heart with immense joy and love ❤️ as we unveil our new autumn Collection MidCentury, showcasing a stunning ensemble of 14 designs. This collection is a celebration of the awe-inspiring beauty and timeless elegance of Mother Nature.

In this collection, we’ve allowed nature to take the lead, inviting the captivating colors of the season to flow gracefully into your interior spaces. Prepare to be enchanted by the carefully curated and tenderly arranged compositions. These rugs are true masterpieces of hand-knotted Persian craftsmanship, meticulously crafted using the finest silk and wool available on the market.

As you explore this collection, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the magical beauty it brings to your home. We believe it to be one of our best creations yet, a testament to the power and grace of nature. I encourage you to bring a piece of this beauty into your own space, to experience firsthand the transformative energy it holds.

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The EasyMe Collection by RUG STAR is a testament to the brand’s commitment to contemporary design and architectural aesthetics. In collaboration with Portland-based architect and artist Michael Howells, this collection showcases a fusion of art and architecture translated into hand-knotted Persian weaves.

The designs in the EasyMe Collection are the result of Howells’ strong architectural understanding and his ability to guide movement within interior spaces through modern paintings. Each design is meticulously crafted in 9/9 quality using a combination of wool and silk, ensuring a luxurious and refined finish.

While the EasyMe designs may appear effortless and uncomplicated, they are the product of careful thought and masterful execution. They possess a unique ability to seamlessly integrate into any interior setting, effortlessly complementing existing elements and adding a touch of contemporary sophistication.

RUG STAR believes that breaking the rules is only possible when one has a deep understanding of the rules themselves. The EasyMe Collection embodies this philosophy, as each design showcases a harmonious balance between innovation and tradition, creating rugs that are not only visually striking but also versatile and adaptable to various design styles.

With the upgraded EasyMe Collection for the season 20/21, RUG STAR introduces stunning new colorations in RustGreen and SnowSilver, further expanding the possibilities for interior design expression. Whether used as a focal point or a complementary element, the EasyMe rugs add a touch of elegance and artistic flair to any space.

In summary, the EasyMe Collection by RUG STAR represents the brand’s dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining the possibilities of contemporary rug design. Through collaboration with talented artists and architects like Michael Howells, RUG STAR continues to create unique and masterfully crafted rugs that elevate interior spaces with their architectural sensibility and timeless beauty.

Discover the collection

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The Black Label collection is now embracing color! Building upon the success of exhibiting our timeless classical patterns in a single black color, we have taken a further step by introducing bold modern colors. The classical patterns now appear as waterprints in a high/low texture, where we have clipped down the wool parts, leaving the silk and silk/wool sections in a higher pile.

In this new update, we go beyond black and introduce vibrant modern colors. We are shifting the entire black base to a clear alternative color and adding contrasting colors as fringes and checkerboard endings, creating a captivating fusion between the fringe color and the rug itself.

This evolution of the BlackLabel collection invites you to explore the dynamic interplay of colors and textures. It showcases our commitment to pushing boundaries and creating visually stunning and artistically expressive rugs. Join us on this colorful journey and experience the transformation of classical patterns into contemporary masterpieces.

Discover the collection

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Happy summer everyone, here we are again to Arug of the weeekkkkkkkk, from our showroom in beautiful Berlin Mitte, presenting you our stunning NewTribal Collection in execution MULTISHAPE. Stunning masterpieces of contemporary rug art at its best. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Welcome to our summer edition of RUG OF THE WEEEEKKKKK, today featuring a very special design: MELANCOLIA, based on a copperplate engraving from German artist Friedrich Dürer from the 15th century. Enjoy the process of oxidation where we embrace patina, the aging with time, already in the production process. A true masterpiece of hand knotted craftsmanship at its best. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Rise and shine and welcome to our summer edition of RUG OF THE WEEEKK. Today I am happy to share with you my all time favorite: MonoStereo in Tibetan weave from our workshop in Nepal. Love this particular rug as I have it myself in my living room in my Berlin home. Pure tenderness I love to share with you in our REEL 22/56. Have a stunning summer and enjoy the flow. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
And here we go with RUG OF THE WEEEKKKKKKK, featuring our new Collection MINIMAL 01 in color FUNK, one out of 5 stunning colors for this particular design. The last out of 21 REELS we are showing here weekly, from next week to switch into summer modus:))) to enjoy life and nature in beautiful BERLIN- so be entertained one more time with this beautiful REEL we made at my last visit in Rajasthan, north India.For further information about the hand knotted rugs we produce with artisans in India, Nepal and Afghanistan, please check the shop on our website. Have a great summer everyone. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
It’s Thursday and so it’s RUG OF THE WEEEKKKKKK with RUG STAR. See our latest REEL sequence 20/56 produced in Jaipur, the beautiful PINK city from Rajasthan in North India. We are showing you our new coloration on Collaboration PalmSprings- BACK TO BOLD is the theme for the autumn 2024 colors. Come and enjoy with us this super funny REEL, which we produced on our product picture production day…see what we love so much on the hand knotted rug, this beautiful ancient craftsmanship which we proudly produce now since nearly 24 years. Be inspired and welcome to our world. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Good morning beautiful world and welcome to our RUG OF THE WEEEKKKKK, In sequence 19/56 we introduce to you our latest development- we went to India, to the beautiful city Jaipur in Rajasthan and visited our brand new development Collection SUPER-MINIMAL, fresh from loom and breathtaking in its beauty. Thanks to my dear friend and Berlin based artist @amir.a.fattal for the stunning design. Design Minimal No. 10 is one out of 10 stunning designs we developed for you and slowly over the summer I will be more than happy to show the other designs to you, as in the next weeks we expect them coming off loom as well. It’s ganna be very exciting. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Namaste beautiful world, rise and shine and here we go again with RUG OF THE WEEEKKKKKK, volume 18/56, showing you our beautiful Collection GEOMETRICS with our iconic Circle ⭕️ one- two- three designs in most amazing hand knotted Tibetan weave from our production in Nepal 🇳🇵. As a hand knotted rug shrinks in the washing process, imagine how you need to master this craftsmanship to show the circles so perfectly. Only possible with a 150 knot count, which shows the actual knots in a square inch (2,54 cm x 2,54 cm). And look at the silk we use, it is breathtaking in the shine and it’s natural beauty. Right now I am in Kathmandu, Nepal after spending 2 weeks in the production in India. Love to be here and do the product development and blend into this beautiful culture and love love love the kindness of the people with which we work. More to come, enjoy the REEL. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Good morning happy spring month May, let’s rise and shine together on the 1st of May and embrace spring and the force of nature and looking forward to some beautiful summer month. Today in RUG OF THE WEEEEKKKKKKK sequence 17/56 I will introduce you our design Orchids which been developed from my dear friend Miron Schmückle, a berlin based artist and one of my closest friend for many years. You will find this design on our website under Shop/Contemporary Moder/Miron…, he composed in total three stunning works showing the beauty of nature with design Orchid 1-2-3, which I translated into different color executions for your home. Love my dear friend and always enjoy so much his work and personality. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Back in India, back in the beautiful PINK CITY, hello Jaipur, here we are with RUUGGG OF THE WEEEKKKK. Episode 16/56 is showing our beautiful collection EASY ME, today on the roof of our washing facility…and what a treat, when we started filming hundreds of kites 🪁been up in the sky, what an amazingly beautiful experience. Sooo good to be in India, love the country and my team from Jaipur. Thanks to all my friends for the never ending support and their amazing talent in craftsmanship. Best hand knotted rugs - best innovation- best understanding and friendship ❤️. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Good morning beautiful people, here we are again with a new episode of RUG OF THE WEEEKKKKK sequence 15/56, presenting our current exhibition MAMELUK, stunning hand knotted rugs with an extremely fine knot in most tender wool you find at the moment on the market. It’s part of our CONTEMPORARY CLASSIC Collection, for availability please check our website and see the fascinating color palettes and patterns we created for you. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Rise and shine and hello from incredible INDIA, today we are in the village of the weavers and happy to show you RUG OF THE WEEEEKKKKK sequence 14/56 with our beautiful design BLOCK NO 10. A stunning execution of a hand knotted rug from our RUG STAR production in Rajasthan, India. Come and embrace the beauty of craftsmanship and fall in love with the product we love so much. Tradition, heritage and sustainability are all combined with the key element of quality in material and production process. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Good morning my dear sweet and beautiful world, today I have the pleasure to present first time in sequence 13/56 of RUG OF THE WEEEEKKKKK a true member of our RUG SCULPTURES- the stunning design Splash Multishape Galileo No. 16 in a pure Tibetan knot technique, hand knotted in finest Chinese silk and Tibetan highland wool. In this collection we leave the rectangle shape and enter a very new concept to gear the hand knotted textile sculpture with your modern interior. Personally it is one of my most loved innovations and shows how much more the rug can take the lead in the interior and gears with the unusual shape perfectly with interior and architecture. Let’s embrace the beauty of craftsmanship again again and thank you so much for the amazing feedback and support. We love our weekly reflection on our work abd to get in deeper communication with you. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Happy Easter Weekend everybody and welcome to RUG OF THE WEEEEKKKKKK with sequence 12/56, introducing our stunning KOI Collection with design Koi Bondi in EyecandyPink. It’s a hand knotted Tibetan collection in Tibetan highland wool and finest Chinese silk. Love to work with animals to express movement in modern interior. Please check our website, go to Shop/ContemprsryModern/Koi and check availability and prices. Have a happy Easter Weekend snd enjoy the upcoming spring. #rugstar #rufoftheweek
Good morning beautiful world and welcome to sequence 11/56 of our RUG OF THE WEEEKKKKKK, today introducing our RUG STAR Contemporary Classic Collection NEW CLASSIC with three stunning colorations ode to design Tabriz. Masterpieces of hand knotted rug art at its best. If you like the designs, please check for further informations our website:, go to SHOP/ContemporaryClassic/NewClassic and check for prices and availability. Or send a mail to my team: We are happy to give you any further informations and assist you. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Rise and shine beautiful world 🌎, today I will show you one of my favorite REELS in RUG OF THE WEEEEKKKKKK. In sequence 10/56 I introduce you to my Waterlily Collection. For this, we went to the VILLAGE OF THE WEAVERS, 2 hours away from Rajasthan, north India. We had to build a construction into the trees which was a joyful experience itself and I am so happy that sunlight and atmosphere played so nicely on the surface of the hand knotted Persian rug, a true masterpiece of contemporary rug art. And while I explained the rug in its detail, two little lamps where running into the scene and rubbing themselves against the silk parts of the rug. I assume they loved the tender surface as well:), so have a look and let us entertain you with the beauty and the knowledge of hNd knotted rugs, a craftsmanship that is worth to keep alive. We do love it a lot #rugstar #rugoftheweek
More than excited to present you today in sequence 09/56 an other RUG STAR Original. The first Collection I launched 22 years ago on the market: Collection Splash with Design 3C in exceptional beautiful silk colors in the background and in the pattern natural materials undyed from the Himalaya mountains. Stunning 150 knot collection, hand knotted from our artisans in Nepal. Come and see the magic. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Good morning beautiful people and beautiful world, today I show you in episode 8/56 of RUG OG THE WEEEEEEEKKKK one of my oldest design: EDEN NO. 09, the Grasshopper In Tibetan weave and for sure one of the iconic pieces that expresses best what RUG STAR stands for. We love nature and we live craftsmanship and do everything to keep this old ancient craftsmanship alive. Let’s embrace beauty together and let’s stand for quality and sustainability. Haha- and we had to do the butterflies, 🦋 we couldn’t resist. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
I am soooo excited to show you today Episode 7/56 of the RUG STAR RUG of the WEEKKKKKK, part two of the visit of the library in our workshop in Jaipur, where we stock all our rugs we ever produced, but in paper. How that paper graph is used on the loom, so the weavers can see and translate every single knot, always is a key element in the hand knotted rug production. I hope I can share some of my love and excitement towards this old ancient craftsmanship with you and bring some understanding for the complexity of what it means to produce a hand knotted rug in most environmental friendly materials of finest wools and silk. Masterpieces of craftsmanship #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Good morning beautiful world, I am so excited to present today our RUG OF THE WEEEK episode 6/56 from our workshop in Jaipur, Rajasthan, North India. We filmed the reel in our library where we stock every rug we ever produced as a one to one paper graph. Today I am showing you the beautiful design BLOCK 01 ARIZONA, as it matches so perfectly the feeling of the Rajasthan desert. A perfectly hand knotted masterpiece of contemporary rug art at its finest. Enjoy looking behind the scenes and get a better understanding of how hand knotted rugs are manufactured. Thank you so much, we are blessed and excited for the experience in India with our beautiful and talented team from Jaipur. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Good morning everyone and welcome to RUG OF THE WEEEK, episode 5/56 is featuring our NewTribal Collection in 8/8 Turkish weave, stunning hand knotted masterpieces in 100% wool. The secret is the mix of 90% natural dyes and 10% Swiss quality dyes to highlight the bright colors. So much fun we have with creating this format and show you weekly and other RUG STAR treasure from our warehouse or showroom in Berlin. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Good morning everybody and welcome to RUG OF THE WEEKKKKK- Episode 4/56- this time we speak about UPCYCLED - The magic of working with high end left over materials to embrace sustainability at it´s largest. Let me introduce you to our beautiful hand knotted Tibetan Collection IsfahanWoods and the magic it can create if you allow individuality to rule the production process to create ONE OF A KIND products. Again, today is only Thursday, but Thursday is the new Fridayyyy. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Welcome everybody to the third edition of RUG OF THE WEEEEEEKKKKK- 3 out of 56 REELs are done , an other 53 to come 🥰. Today we make again the Thursday to a Friday, as I am far to farrrr excited to show our third adventure in RUG OF THE WEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK to you. This time we shifted from the RUG STAR Berlin warehouse to the RUG STAR Showroom in beautiful Berlin- Mitte and present you our latest arrival: THE TIBETAN version of Collection BOTANICAL- awwwwwwww, so much beauty and all are masterpieces of craftsmanship produced from Exile Tibetans in Nepal with such very different flow on their surface as the Persian weave can do. Come and see the beauty and the tenderness of the Tibetan weave at its best. So excited for this one, hope you love it same way as the first REELS we showed to you, true contemporary rug aet at its best! Let’s get started ❤️…they are so yummy fresh, so still not on our website, but if you are interested, please write a mail to my team #rugstar #rugoftheweek
I know it’s only Thursday and not Friday, but we just finished this REEL and to excited to wait until tomorrrrooowwwwww. RUG OF THE WEEK, second REEL, 56 more to come 😂. Please enjoy as mich as we did to produce this wonderful little story for you. #rugstar #rugoftheweek
Ahhhhhhhh, I am soooo proud and happy and filled with joy and happiness. Today we went to our so beloved RUG STAR Warehouse and we started our new format: RUG OF THE WEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK. It should be RAW and honest and from today on I promise to post every week on a Thursday or Friday one REEL about a specific rug I LOVE SO much. In the team Momo and Moritz will join me, we promise you today: In total 56 episodes, some times shot in our RUG STAR Warehouse and sometimes shot in our RUG STAR Showroom. Or if it works, even when I travel to our productions in Jaipur, Rajasthan or to Kathmandu, Nepal. Tell me how you like it, we try to be as authentic as possible and share with you weekly our love towards the hand knotted Persian and Tibetan rug. AFTER 22 year, RUG STAR and I need a RAW and honest talk with YOU, because we have one in common: WE LOVE RUGS and the very very high end quality that can be achieved with a lot of care and devotion!!! We do that for you- soooo be with us. Each first RUG OF THE WEEK can be purchased with a 50% discount if you message me privately ❤️❤️❤️❤️. DEAL? 🚀🚀🚀#rugstar #rugoftheweek
2024, here we go- let’s dance together and embrace beauty at it’s most. Come and see your joyful play with our Splash Galileo Multishape Collection and our latest innovation: THE COLLECTIBLE ❤️, a first time transformation of a rug design of ours into s one of a kind furniture 🪑 #rugstar
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It’s all about SILK
May the force of craftsmanship be with you. #rugstar
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Our latest PalmSprings Collection encapsulates the very essence of a radiant, sun-drenched day in a beautifully designed architectural home amidst the vibrant era of the 1960s in PalmSprings. Drawing inspiration from our beloved Blocks collection, we have infused PalmSprings with a softer, more delicate touch, creating an ambiance that is both nostalgic and captivating.

The carefully curated color palette of PalmSprings embraces pastel tones, resulting in a gentle and ethereal ambiance that evokes a powdery softness. Adding to the allure, we have introduced our innovative SilkLining surface, which has already enchanted admirers in our timeless UrbanLavish collection.

Each rug in this collection is meticulously hand-knotted using the Persian knot technique in Jaipur, known for its impeccable craftsmanship. With a knot count of 9/9, these rugs exhibit exceptional intricacy and detail.

To enhance the allure of PalmSprings, we have incorporated our innovative SilkLining surface, which showcases a harmonious blend of silk linen and wool. In this unique process, the wool parts are carefully rubbed by hand, allowing a linear silk structure to gracefully follow the horizontal lines of the weaving process. This meticulous technique results in a stunning visual effect that exudes sophistication and refinement.

The combination of silk and linen comprises approximately 80% of the rug, ensuring a luxurious feel and enhancing its overall luster. This blend of natural fibers adds a subtle sheen and softness to the rugs, elevating their aesthetic appeal and providing a touch of opulence to any interior space.

In designing this collection, I drew inspiration from the works of Christopher Isherwood’s novel “A Single Man.” I aimed to capture the essence of the home and the ambiance portrayed within its pages, translating it into the surface of each of these beautiful designs. Be tender and thank you Christopher for this marvelous novel.

Discover the collection

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