Rug Sculptures

On Sunday, June 16, 2023, we had the pleasure of visiting the “Enthüllt. Berlin und seine Denkmäler” exhibition at the Zitadelle Spandau in Berlin. It was our photographer, Michael Tewes, who recommended this remarkable exhibition to us, and we were truly amazed by what we discovered there. The Zitadelle Spandau houses a permanent collection of sculptures that were once scattered throughout different locations in Berlin. It was the perfect setting to showcase our new rug sculpture, the “Multishape Splash Galileo Collection.”

Ohh boy, that took me 3 years of consideration now, but now I am more than happy to introduce you to our new RUG STAR picture research and cycles “Epic Berlin”. Our new and audacious campaign embarks on a captivating journey to showcase our hand-knotted rugs and rug sculptures as awe-inspiring contemporary rug art, thoughtfully curated within 12 half-public spaces in the city of Berlin. Building upon our campaign “Intimacy Berlin”, which started in 2015 and ended during Corona in 2020, that intimately displayed our rugs in private homes and artist spaces, “Epic Berlin” now ventures boldly into the realm of half-public spaces, unveiling a new kind of storytelling dimension that ignites imagination and provokes profound thought.

With an ambitious scope, “Epic Berlin” is a meticulously planned visual research project that will unfold over 24 months, from July 2023 to July 2024, encompassing 12 distinct locations that pulsate with the vibrant urban and cultural aspects of the city we are living in. These exceptional spaces, carefully chosen and curated, will serve us as the striking backdrops for our extraordinary collection and stand for their extreme differences, trying to confront and aiming for confirmation, intimately connecting it with the city’s vibrant tapestry, with social and political fragments and spaces that symbolize a progression in context to passing time.

Stepping into the world of public and half-public spaces, our campaign ventures into uncharted territory, engaging the social, political, and historical dimensions that reverberate within these locales. In the compelling saga of “Epic Berlin,” each space serves as a canvas for a thought-provoking confrontation, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the intricate interplay between contemporary rug art and the surroundings that bear the marks of time and human experience.

In the inaugural chapter, “Epic Berlin” 01, we delved into the enigmatic realm of monuments with profound historical significance, once celebrated in public but later relegated to the annals of time. A testament to the power of art and it’s evolving meaning, these spaces provided a poignant backdrop for our rug sculptures of the “Multishape Splash Galileo” Collection, sparking dialogue and contemplation about the passage of time, collective memory, and cultural heritage.