MZ No. 03 Original

Our contemporary rug art is produced in India as Persian weave in a nice blend of wool and silk in 9/9 knot count. The surface comes in a beautiful velvet sandblasted execution.

1.700,00 € per m²


The MZ Collection is a stunning and soulful 'Contemporary Abstract Expressionism' featuring fourteen artworks by Mary Zio, a US artist from North Carolina, translated by RUG STAR into true masterpieces of hand-knotted rug art manufactured with the Persian knot in Rajasthan, north India. Mary understands how to use and harmonize color, referencing Abstract Expressionism and offering a vibe that makes you think of the 30s and 40s. As Mary says about her work: "I employ the principles of Josef Albers, in that the perception of color is an illusion, and that colors will change according to their relationships with other colors. This has translated amazingly well into RUG STAR's incredibly beautiful rugs!" We agree 100% with what she is saying. RUG STAR is known for working with colors, and we could not express it better than she has. We indeed are in LOVE again with this extraordinary beauty! Thank you, Mary!