Rug art from Berlin

RUG STAR: under this label Jürgen Dahlmanns designs and produces luxurious, hand-knotted custom and bespoke rugs for private homes and global project business. Contemporary rug art, designed in Berlin, hand crafted in the Himalaya mountains, deserts of Rajasthan and in the valleys of Afghanistan.



Tibetan rug from Nepal

Now in Nepal, a good 800 people work to produce the finest Tibetan carpets for RUG STAR employing centuries-old techniques in hand-knotting those textile marvels. Contrary to other methods of rugmaking, three warps are threaded through the weft at the same time when making the Tibetan. The resulting knot allows for blending fabrics and colors on the loom.


Persian rug from Rajasthan

The Persian designs of RUG STAR’s collection are interpreted in Northern India’s Jaipur, where another 800 people implement a further ancient tradition. There, knots are created by a single warp giving Dahlmanns the means to design finely detailed patterns and complex images.


Luxurious tuft from China

Tuft is highly underrated by most manufacturers and designers; we, however, recognized its great potential and the cutting-edge expressions which we can create with this product for private homes and hotel contracts. Since 2017 we produce RUG STAR design at its finest in luxurious tuft.