JoyJumpers, conquer the city – conquer the hood, the latest RUG STAR by Jürgen Dahlmanns contemporary rug art campaign made in Berlin.

Wow, what an experience we are all facing these days. It is my first pandemic, so let’s share how we face it, as some experience do frighten us all, some do confuse us, but some do also make us nutty and happy. I like to talk about the last ones mentioned, always convinced that creativity can help and guide positivity, so I like to share this aspect of the pandemic with you.


KingsRobe in India

RUG STAR‘s campaign KingsRobe shot 2019 in the deserts of Rajasthan to feature the beauty of hand-knotted contemporary rug art.


120 Pillows with Claudia Skoda

Claudia Skoda, the famous and influential knitwear designer from Berlin and Jürgen Dahlmanns, the founder of RUG STAR – the global design carpet label born in Berlin and the winner of numerous prizes at the Domotex Fair, decided to intersect their valuable experiences in fashion and interior design in order to create for the home textile area.


KingsRobe in Berlin

I met Berlin-based photographer Caroline Saage first time in 2014 during my search for the campaign I had in mind to place in German ZEITmagazin. We constantly clicked and became best friends. In 2018 I developed our new contemporary rug art campaign KingsRobe and it became the first project where we cooperated…


ZEITmagazin with Ivo von Renner

RUG STAR‘s contemporary rug art campaign in German ZEITmagazin 2014. 26 full-size pages with the famous Hamburg based photographer Ivo von Renner.



IntimacyBerlin is RUG STAR’s campaign in real life Berlin interior featuring contemporary rug art. 420 interior shots in homes of friends and friends of friends.



In May 2018 we traveled overseas to Portland, Oregon, one of my favorite cities in the US and home of my soulful trader and dear friend Christiane Millinger. The mission was to produce our Intimacy campaign in real life Portland interior featuring our RUG STAR rugs in homes of friends and clients of Christiane.



IntimacyChicago is RUG STAR’s campaign in real life Chicago interior featuring our RUG STAR contemporary rug art in 120 stunning interior shots. We shot at Lake Michigan in properties such as the old KRAFT manor in Wilmette, old Victorian townhouses in South Loop Chicago, or the skyscrapers in downtown Chicago with a stunning view from the 36th floor over Millennium Park. Homeowners welcomed me into their private interiors and designers gave me access to their latest projects. I am very grateful and every single time astonished how welcoming and warm-hearted these moments are.