Knitwear for my dog
Miss Happy

Ivo von Renner saved me in 2014 and also Claudia Skoda did. Why is that, I will explain it to you, it’s a very sweet and funny memory.

I had in mind to place in German ZEITmagazin my very first campaign and was more than excited about the same. As I’ve never placed a campaign in the media before, I was zero experienced when I signed the contract to place 26 full-size pages in a period of 1 year. The contract was signed, and I had 8 weeks to develop all, no agency helping me, no concept developed, and no photographer to collaborate with.

To spend money on 26 full-size pages in print was something I never did in my life before, so how to make it valid and enjoying the process as an experience? Slowly I came to the point that I wanted to develop the aesthetic of the campaign during the process. I made a deal with myself. I imagined a blackboard with one of my rug designs in the background, me and my dog standing in front of it and communicating a small detail about a hand-knotted rug. After 26 pages, I was sure, a story was told to the audience and maybe same as with opera, first, you do not understand it, but slowly everything would make sense.

Slowly great support crossed my way. My dearest friend and Berlin icon and fashion designer Claudia Skoda promised me to knit costumes for my Parson Russel Terrier, Miss Happy. She could already quote a theme in her appearance in the pictures. I saw myself in the role of a moderator or visual host. For that, I designed and printed out icons and glue and cut them out in carton, so they became 2-dimensional visual communication fragments in space.

The crazy gang was completed when my dear Ivo von Renner, a very well-known Hamburg based photographer gave the green light to be on board. During that year, at least once a month I drove from Berlin to Hamburg to shoot in his studio. At that point my gratitude to his wife Dagmar to be the best host ever and to Johannes Speder, a Hamburg-based artist who helped to make this all happen. These days have been blessings and the source why every campaign after had this performance vibe, as we set the frame for this during this magic year. Thanks to all for the great support, the memories are warm and wild.

ALL ZEITmagazin Campaign with Ivo von Renner