Summer 2018 in Berlin

I met Caroline Saage first time in 2014 during my search for the campaign I had in mind to place in German ZEITmagazin. We instantly clicked and became best friends, but it took 4 more years until we finally managed to set up our first solid campaign, Kings Robe. I feel so blessed, as since then many other campaigns, exhibitions or happenings followed. Memories all filled with love and joy I never want to miss.

Our cooperation is pure Berlin-style collaboration, during the process it always feels like being on stage and playing free jazz. You only break the roles in a project, if you know everyone is able to master them.

So back to the story.

Of course, it was again one of the hottest summer days in August 2018, we met all in the Rug Star showroom in Berlin-Mitte around 6 AM and left by car towards the north. Caroline was in close contact with an old recreation center at a lake close by the city and we had in mind to get undressed and wrap the rugs around our bodies like robes. During the process we developed an attitude, we felt like old kings in a kingdom which doesn´t exist anymore and so finally it became the name of the campaign: Kings Robe.

What I love about our campaigns is that we never hire models, it’s always my team and me. So each campaign is at the same time for us a performance, visual documentation of us living with rugs.

I feel blessed doing that with my team, it´s like transforming work into moments you will never forget.

ALL KingsRobe in Berlin