Homes of friends in Berlin

I felt blessed, with INTIMACY BERLIN. A project I started with my dear friend and Berlin-based photographer Michael Tewes in the Summer of 2015 and is still in process. We started asking friends and friends of friends if they would allow us to photograph our designs in their homes. We set up a clear and easy structure. Each month we are invited into 1-3 homes and shoot our rugs in real-life living situations. We find all of the homes by requesting assistance from friends, so the homeowners are not paid for letting us photograph our rugs in their living space. Instead, we cook for them and teach them about the joy and love we have for this craftsmanship.

Within five years we will have created an archive of 36 homes, or to put it in terms of interior pictures, around 420 beautiful photographs of our RUG STAR rugs in the real-life, personal and intimate interior in the city of Berlin. So far all interiors have been exclusively shot by our dear friend and very gifted photographer Michael Tewes.

As of yesterday, 32 homes have been visited, 350 of our rugs have been shot in the homes of my friends and we are grateful and happy to see that we have been able to establish a fresh and unique way of how to communicate the beauty and identity of hand-knotted area rugs.

You will see some homes with editorial quality, they show the states of the art of interior design and give a guideline of how to furnish your home with hand-knotted area rugs. Other homes have a deeper meaning as they explore a more liberal way of living and the spirit you can create besides typical stereotypes of home decoration.

I have finally created the perfect communication tool to show how my rug designs blossom in real living situations and the RUG STAR magazines are the right frame to show these pictures.

I cordially invite you to discover our magazines!

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