We are all looking for sources of life and designers who can truly generate life into their products are few. This is a challenge that only the brightest and the most ingenious can make it shine.

Besides beauty, playfulness and harmony, CLAUDIA SKODA and JÜRGEN DAHLMANNS meant to bring to the world creations that breathe and spread energy and love around them.

Claudia Skoda, the famous and influential knitwear designer from Berlin and Jürgen Dahlmanns, the founder of Rug Star – the global design carpet label born in Berlin and the winner of numerous prizes at the Domotex Fair, decided to intersect their valuable experiences in fashion and interior design in order to create for the home textile area. Their first creation is what they call “a playlist” of 120 pillows. The two resourceful designers are also very good friends in real life.

Claudia Skoda, who founded her fashion label in 1975, has remained curious and creative in the fashion field for over 40 years. Young designers orient themselves based on her fashion innovations and they highly value her advice.

Made by the hands of Claudia Skoda, the pillows are in reality the result of life-time experimentation with yarn and unique knitting techniques. Patterns such as “Kaviar“, “Spa“, “Mama Whale“, “This Way“ and “Exit” to the bright sunlight, “Dress well” and “Satellite City” make you fall in love with their lightness, sunny mood and good humor. They were imagined to immediately uplift the atmosphere of your house and bring a fresh modernity to any interior setting. Their color vibration is where the two designers come very close in the creative process.

by Roxana Florina Popa

ALL 120 Pillows